Meet Milu.

Better healthcare. Lower costs.

Milu is an employee benefit that connects to EHRs from over 40,000 health institutions to find savings and great care

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Who we work with

For employers

Give your employees a benefit that makes healthcare less stressful, while reducing costs

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For advisors

Bring a novel cost management solution to your clients, with no plan or network disruption

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For individuals & families

Get a healthcare superpower that can fight your bills and find you great doctors

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A real-time solution for member engagement

Our technology leverages newly available health record data APIs to identify ways for employers and employees to save on doctors visits, prescription drugs, procedures, and medical bills.

How it works

1. Members connect their health charts to Milu

Connecting is safe, secure, and easy. No different than connecting your bank account to a payments app.

2. Milu does the work

Milu’s data systems, AI algorithms, and clinical teams review the data to identify any possible opportunities for members to save or get better care.

3. Real-time notifications

Milu sends alerts whenever a member can save money on a prescription, find a specialist doctor, save money on routine procedures, or utilize a benefit included in their plan.

4. We’ll even fight your bills

Milu’s tools will also identify medical bills that may have been incorrectly coded or overbilled and appeal them on behalf of employees.

Member stories

Incorrect Medical Bill

”Brooke was absolutely incredible. She found the mistake on the bill and you guys saved me $509.”

ENT Specialist

You are AMAZING!!! thank you!!! MILU IS SO HELPFUL!!!!

-Mother of a 5-year-old who needed ear tube surgery and faced a wait time of 6 months. Milu found a top local ENT surgeon available months sooner.

Financial Assistance

Major Regional Hospital
Manufacturing plant employee was faced with an $800+ out-of-pocket medical bill. Milu’s platform identified that they were eligible for financial assistance and got the bill reduced to $0 on their behalf

Incorrect Bill

“Thank you, thank you. I was threatened to go to collections. Milu intervened and straightened out this mess and saved me hundreds of dollars”

Pharmacy savings

$600 in savings
Milu identified an existing pharmacy benefit that delivered the patient’s blood pressure medications to their doorstep at $0, and saved money for the employer as well.

Top Surgeon

Top local shoulder surgeons identified for member, who had previously received a different surgery referral

We take data privacy seriously

HIPAA Compliant

We are fully HIPAA compliant, including safely storing all health data and utilizing 256-bit encryption

SOC 2 Attested

We maintain industry standard data security protocols, including SOC 2 auditing and cybersecurity threat monitoring

Your Data

We only use your data to help you get the best care and save on costs, and you have the right to opt out at any time

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