Healthcare is stressful and expensive. We don't think it should be.

Connect your health record to Milu, and we’ll alert you about better, more affordable healthcare options—whether that's cheaper medications, or quicker access to a doctor.

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Why Milu matters

80% of medical bills have an error

Our analytics engine checks charges on your medical bills, so you never pay more than you should. If our platform flags a bill, we’ll fight it on your behalf.

1 in 3 prescriptions could be less expensive

We make sure you get the best deal on your prescriptions. Our platform looks at your current prescription pricing and can identify opportunities for more affordable medications.

Data on the top specialists near you

We analyze data on which doctors near you perform the procedure you need most frequently. And we confirm that they’re affordable, in-network, and taking new patients.

How it works

Connect once. Get alerts whenever we can help.

We’ve aggregated nationwide data on doctor quality, procedure pricing, prescription costs, and common billing errors. When you connect your health record to Milu, our platform uses that data to save you money and get you great care.

Ways Milu helps you and your family

Bills, fought on your behalf

Milu’s platform looks for medical bills that may have been incorrectly coded or overbilled and appeals them on your behalf.

Savings on medications

Milu sends you an alert whenever you can save money on a prescription, whether at another pharmacy or with a generic.

Great doctors at fair prices

We use data on hundreds of millions of healthcare claims to find doctors for you who perform the procedure you need most frequently, at high quality and reasonable cost.

Safe and secure

Milu is HIPAA compliant and takes patient data privacy very seriously. Your data belongs to you and you can opt out anytime.