Keep employees healthy and reduce stress about healthcare

Using real-time health data, we notify your employees when they can make a better or more affordable decision on their healthcare— and we take on the administrative work for them.

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Why Milu matters

We notify employees proactively about their healthcare options

Instead of waiting until after a procedure is completed, we notify patients beforehand, helping them compare providers, medications, and benefits. We reduce stress by supporting them through the tough decisions.

Your employees get the best and most relevant care possible

Make sure your employees know about all their healthcare options, at the time that they need them. Whether that’s a local doctor, a virtual benefit, or center of excellence in your plan, our alerts educate your employees about their benefits.

We make sure employees don’t overpay for care

We work with patients to make sure they’re not paying for incorrect or inflated medical bills. We fight the bills on their behalf and check for financial aid eligibility.

How it works

Possible through AI and data. Powered by empathy.

When employees connect their electronic health records, our platform notifies them when there’s an opportunity to get the care they need, save money, or use an existing benefit. It’s that simple.

We guarantee savings. Seriously.

Our programs come with a 100% ROI guarantee. That means our incentives are fully aligned with yours.