You already offer great plans — supercharge engagement with Milu.

By leveraging real-time health data, we notify employees about relevant benefits before they need it, not after. Alerts are customized for each employer's specific health benefit plan.

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How Milu can help your clients

Drive utilization of your point solutions

You’ve spent years working with your clients to bring impactful solutions to their employees. 
Our platform utilizes EHR data and the latest AI technology to drive engagement with those solutions.

Real time alerts—when they actually matter

When members connect their electronic health records, we are able to notify them immediately whenever a new benefit becomes relevant to them—not 3 months later when there’s a claim.

Customized notifications based on your plan design

Our platform is built to be easily customized. We tailor the notifications that members receive to match the solutions that you have built into your clients’ plans. No one-size-fits-all approaches.

How it works

Personalized engagement, using AI

When employees connect their electronic health records, our platform notifies them when there’s an opportunity to get the care they need, save money, or use an existing benefit. It’s that simple.

How to start with Milu

Simple implementation

No changes needed to your plans, carriers or other point solutions. We simply run on top of your existing benefits stack.

No integrations necessary

Because Milu is powered by newly-available EHR data, we don’t need anything to get started. Claims data is helpful, but we can ingest it over time.

Your partner to deliver savings

We work closely with you to identify and realize savings opportunities in ways that are most relevant for your clients and their unique needs.

Guaranteed savings for your clients

Our programs come with a 100% ROI guarantee. That means our incentives are fully aligned with yours.